Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between The Loft and The Mica?
The Loft is an open air building with three large doors that raise up and is available to rent all year. The Mica is an upscale cathedral tent and is available to rent April to October. Both The Loft and The Mica feature outdoor areas with beautifully landscaped courtyards, gardens, water and fire features and are heated and air-conditioned.

How many people can the facility hold?
The Loft building can seat up to 180 guests on the main floor with additional seating upstairs in the Loft Area. The Mica tent can seat up to 400 guests.

When can I get into the facility to decorate and what are the restrictions for decorating?

You are allowed to come in up to 2 hours the day of your event , to set up any decorations, centerpieces and other details.  Details and Décor must be approved prior to setting up.  Please make arrangements for all items to be set up and taken down and brought home at the end of the Event.  If you choose to have CD & ME set up your items and take them down, the cost would begin at $300.00.  Please let your Event Coordinator know if you are interested in this option.  CD & ME is NOT responsible for setting up any items and items left overnight. 

Do I have to serve a meal at the event?
No. We can accommodate all types of events. We have had events with no food, light appetizers, heavy appetizers, buffet style, family style and plated dinners.

Do you do your own catering or can I bring in an outside caterer of my choice? 
CD & ME gives you the choice of preferred caterers to choose from. They all specialize in different menus within different price ranges. We request that our guests pick from one of our own caterers.

Can I bring in a band or our own D.J.? 
Answer should be: If you would like to bring your own DJ, please notify the Event Coordinator at the time of signing your contract. As far as a Band, the Loft is the only facility that a Band can play at for an event. All musicians must contact CD & ME prior to the event for more information. They also must provide their own equipment, sound and lighting.

What is the size of your dance floor? 
Our dance floor size depends on the amounts of guests attending your event.

What kind of music does the D.J. play? 
Our D.J.’s play whatever you want to have played throughout the time of your event.

Can I bring in my own alcohol? 
No. Our liquor license issued by Will County restricts us on bringing in alcohol not purchased through our own vendors.

Is set up and clean up included in the rental time? 
Set up for events are allowed 1 hour for decorating and after the event we ask that all decorations are taken with you at the end of the evening.

Do you offer tours of the banquet facility? 
We ask that guests please call to schedule an appointment with our event coordinator Catherine at (815) 469-7315 or email her at

What is required of us to be eligible for non-profit rates? 
A tax exempt certificate must be provided.

Is your facility Handicapped Accessible? 
Yes, with the exception of the upstairs loft. The washrooms are also handicapped accessible.